Who we are


A name from the past for the Future. Aigle (or Aegle) comes from Greek and Latin name, which means “shining”. Aegle was the goddess of radiant and good health. This nymph had many connections to good health, sun and radiance.

AEGLEXA is a company founded by professionals with over twenty years of experience in pharmaceuticals and cosmetology. Boasting a specialization in research for innovative and natural solutions to skincare. AEGLEXA has researched & developed while looking towards the future in each project. AEGLEXA makes use of the best resources and market leading opinions for its science lab and R&D team.

Our Mission

“Improvement without impairment”

AEGLEXA’s mission is to offer the best innovation in terms of quality, effectiveness and safety for natural skincare products. “Improvement without impairment”: this is the guideline that has always determined our every choice!

AEGLEXA researchers explore how much nature offers us allowing access to products that promote wellness, health and prevention. We develop specific products to prevent damage and treat blemishes with innovative solutions that are easy to use and with hight quality. A careful choice of mixtures obtained directly from nature, to offer practical solutions to the problems of skin, body and face


Patient Protocol from Home

At AEGLEXA we do not only develop products but, with the support of leading international opinion leaders, we study and implement clinical/cosmetic protocols. AEGLEXA protocols allow a “patient-centered” approach. By using a medical approach to beauty care, we have crafted a preventative and foundational approach to skin protection. For this reason, all AEGLEXA products are protocols, with the correct series of applications, our patients feel like they are receiving a targeted treatment even when they are at home, effectively improving their quality of life.